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Dr. Malgosia Askanas

Dr. Askanas, PhD, is a mathematician, logician, teacher, computer scientist, software engineer, writer and theater artist. Dr. Askanas' academic work, with a specialization in recursive function theory, included studies with Profs. Andrzej Mostowski, Ernest Nagel and Raymond Smullyan (who was her thesis advisor), as well as teaching at CUNY and at Sara Lawrence College. She is the founder and president of Mind-Crafts, a service offering high-quality private math tutoring. In the computer industry, she has worked for software companies and computer manufacturers such as Raytheon Data Systems, Intermetrics, ITP Boston, Prime, and Alliant. Her responsibilities included technical leadership, engineering research, and design and implementation of software in such areas as optimizing and parallelizing compilers, multi-user operating systems, embedded real-time systems, industrial monitoring and control, and diverse areas of system programming. The first scientist trained by the Correas in their methodology, Dr. Askanas is Editor-in-Chief of Akronos Publishing, a collaborator of the Correas in the development of analytical computing systems, and their co-author in several research papers.


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